Adding the FPTraffic App to your Facebook Group

Facebook requires that you add our FPTraffic App to any Facebook Group that you want to be able to post to using FPTraffic. You must be Admin in the Group to be able to do this, but if you are, it's very simple.

You can see Facebook's instructions here.

1. Open your Group Settings by going to your Facebook Group and clicking on More and then Edit Group Settings.

2. Scroll down to where it says Apps and click the Add Apps button.

3. Type FPTraffic into the box to search for our App and select it. After you select it, click the Add button.

4. Once you click the Add button, Facebook will confirm that you have added the FPTraffic app to your Group.

5. Now, you just need to add the Group to your FPTraffic account. Go to Manage Profiles and click on Add a Profile then Group or click here to connect your Group.

That's it! Your Group should show up on your FPTraffic account and you can now schedule content to it.

IMPORTANT: FPTraffic can only post to your Group as your personal account. So, any posts published by FPTraffic to your Group will be posted by YOU through FPTraffic.

For example, this was a post published to our FPTraffic Group using my account (Luke Kling):

If you have any question about posting to Groups, do not hesitate to contact us 😃

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