How to use RSS Feeds to Schedule Content

Using our RSS Feeds scheduler is a great way to easily and automatically schedule content from your website to post to any of your Profiles.

This is most often used by bloggers to automatically schedule new blog posts to post to their Profiles, but you can use it for ANY RSS feed.

Adding your RSS feed is easy:

1. Login to FPTraffic.

2. Go to our RSS feeds tool.

3. Click the Add Feed button.

4. Select the Profile you want to schedule the feed content to.

5. Enter the RSS Feed URL. For example, with a WordPress blog, your RSS feed is located at: 

6. Select your Post Position. You have two options:

Next - the new content found on the RSS feed is automatically added to the top of your Scheduled Posts and will be the next thing FPTraffic posts to that Profile.

Last - the new content found on the RSS feed is automatically added to the end of your Scheduled Posts (the last post currently scheduled).

6. Click Save.

You're all set! You can view a list of all the RSS Feeds currently setup on your FPTraffic account and the Profile they are set to post to. You can also Preview the rss feed and manually schedule posts from the feed (FPTraffic will automatically grab NEW posts AFTER the feed is added). You can also see when we last checked your feed for new posts and if needed, delete the feed. 

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