Error validating access token

A common error you may see on your FPTraffic dashboard is:

Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons.

This error can occur for many reasons, but the main one is described right there in the text: you recently changed your Facebook password.

Whether or not you recently changed your password, if you are seeing this error, FPTraffic cannot post to your Facebook Pages or Groups. However, fixing this issue is easy.

1. Login to FPTraffic.

2. Go to your Profile Manager.

3. Click on Add a Profile and then click Pages.

4. Follow the prompts from Facebook to reconnect your Facebook Pages. This will not cause any changes to your FPTraffic account that you will see. It simply refreshes the token that we use to be able to post to your Facebook Pages.

That's it! We will now be able to post to your Facebook Pages without any problem. If you use FPTraffic to post to your Facebook Groups as well, follow the instructions from step 3 above and click on Groups instead of Pages. This is not usually necessary, but it can't hurt to be thorough 😃

If you see an error on your Dashboard that you do not recognize or your Profiles are not posting properly, please click the Contact link at the top right of this page so we can help you. 

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