FPTraffic Pro Features

With the release of FPTraffic Pro, our goal is to provide extra features that focus on analysis and automation.

Currently, Pro users get access to 5 new features:

  1. Top Posts 
  2. Content Suggestions
  3. Post Schedule Analysis
  4. Automatic Recycling
  5. Extra Post Actions

Top Posts

Facebook no longer gives you access to your top posts, but FPTraffic does 😃

You can now see a breakdown of your top posts as well as analytics on posts published by FPTraffic.

The new Reach Bar is color coded:

  • Green - the post is viral and has reached more users than your Profile has for it's audience size.
  • Orange - the post is reaching an average amount of users compared to your other posts.
  • Red - the post is not reaching as many users as your average post.

Reach does seem to increase over time so if you see a post that has been recently published with red (like the one above) reach, you should give it 24-48 hours to gather more reach.

Content Suggestions

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the data you need but without you having to do too much of the work yourself. For that, we are developing an automated assistant we call Paige.

Paige currently has a few tasks and one specifically is to gather content suggestions for you.

Our new Content Suggestions are available to FPTraffic Pro users and provide you with new content recommendations daily based on your previous content that has been found to perform well using our Content Finder.

Simply select a Profile and we'll put together a list of suggested content!

Post Schedule Analysis

One really important detail that is overlooked by many social media marketers is knowing when exactly your content is going to perform best.

Facebook has some data where they will show you what time most of your users are online, but that does not always correlate with getting the most reach possible.

To help provide more accurate data directly from your posts, we created a Post Schedule Analysis:

FPTraffic Pro users will see this analysis when they go to their Schedules page. We show you the average reach per hour that you are getting on posts you have previously published with FPTraffic.

If your Profile is new, we recommend posting a few times a day throughout the day and we'll keep track of what times are performing best for you :)

Automatic Recycling

And last, but certainly not least, we are happy to have an amazing automatic recycling feature added for Pro members!

Our new assistant, Paige, will either automatically recycle your 25 oldest posts for you or email you when your Scheduled Posts falls below a day worth of posts (depending on how many you post per day on your Profile).

You can manage this setting for your Profile like any other setting:

  1. Click on Manage Profiles.
  2. Click on the gear icon on any of your Profiles.
  3. Update the setting as shown above.

Extra Post Actions

Post Actions are a great way to drive up engagement and reach on both Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts. Standard members can add 2 Post Actions to each Scheduled Posts, but FPTraffic Pro members can add up to 5 actions.

We are constantly working to improve Paige and add new Pro features, but please feel free to contact us if you have any recommendations or suggestions!

Get a free 2-week trial to FPTraffic Pro

Every FPTraffic user can get a free 2-week trial to FPTraffic Pro. Simply contact us and ask us to add a free 2-weeks to your account 😃

FPTraffic Pro is available to all regular FPTraffic users for $29/month.

Sign up here: https://my.fptraffic.com/subscription

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