Getting Started with FPTraffic

First off, thank you for signing up for FPTraffic! We would not be able to do our job without you :)

Here is a step-by-step guide for getting started with FPTraffic.

1. Create Your Post Schedule

The first step for getting started is creating a Schedule for FPTraffic to use to post to your Profiles. Each Profile has its own schedule.

Our posting schedules work a little different than other social media schedulers. You simply select the hours you would like us to post to your Profile and we'll automatically post for you during that hour. For example, if you set your schedule to post at 4:00pm, FPTraffic will automatically post to that Profile every day between 4:00-4:59pm (typically posts go out before the :50 of each hour). We post randomly during the hour to make your posts look more organic.

To create your post Schedule, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select your Profile
  3. Select the hours you would like to post and click Save Schedule.

You can post up to 24 times a day (every hour), but we recommend you start with 2-3 times a day. 

Once you have your post Schedule created, it's time to find some content to post!

✍️  Learn more about how to create an effective social media posting schedule.

2. Fill Your Content Library

We have several content tools available on FPTraffic that you can use to add posts for us to publish to your Profiles. We store these posts in your Content Library.

Content Finder

You can use our Content Finder to find content from 8 different sources based on keyword. We can search billions of photos and you can schedule them to post to your Profile with a click of your mouse!

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Upload Content

Do you already have photos you would like to schedule saved on your computer? You can mass upload them to your Content Library to schedule to your Profile using our awesome content uploader tool!

Our upload tool can quickly upload up to 500 images at once.

Add URLs

Our URL scheduler is one of the most efficient ways to schedule links and photos to your Profiles. If you have links (URLs) you would like to schedule, this is your tool. Copy/paste image URLs or website links and we'll put them in your Content Library.

Adding URLs is made even easier when you use our Chrome extension!

RSS Feeds

Do you have WordPress blog or website with an RSS feed? FPTraffic can automatically schedule new content to any of your Profile(s) you want using your RSS feed.

This works great with WordPress, Shopify, and most other website platforms. Contact support if you need help finding your RSS feed URL.

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CSV Upload

Our CSV upload tool is one of the most efficient ways to mass upload content to FPTraffic. You can schedule images/URLs along with their descriptions, first comments, and tags!

The CSV tool has maximum efficiency when combined with our Chrome extension.

✍️  Learn how to use the CSV tool and Chrome extension to schedule a month of content in 30 minutes.

Now, you should have a bunch of Scheduled Posts ready to go. Let's see how easy it is to manage them.

3. Manage Your Scheduled Posts

Once you have added a Schedule to your Profile and scheduled some content, you will want to manage those posts.

Go to your Scheduled Posts page, select your Profile, click the View Scheduled Posts button, and see what your upcoming posts looks like. You can:

  • Drag and drop your posts so they are published to your Profile in the order you want.
  • Click on any post to add a description and first comment to help drive more engagement.
  • Click on any scheduled photos and click the Edit Image button to open our image editor to make any image look even better!

That should be enough to get you started working with our awesome scheduler. If you need any help, we are here for you. Just click the Contact link at the top right of this page and let us know!

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