How to use the FPTraffic Chrome Extension

The FPTraffic Chrome Extension is a unique browser extension for Google Chrome that makes it easy for you to find and schedule images for any of your social media profiles from nearly any website!

You can find and schedule a month of content directly to your Profiles within a matter of minutes.

The two websites our members find content from the most and schedule to their Profiles is Instagram and Pinterest so we will use those in this example.

Obviously, before you can use the FPTraffic Chrome Extension, you need to download and install it on your browser.

👆 The extension can be downloaded and installed directly from the Chrome Web Store at the link above or by clicking here.

Once you have installed the Chrome Extension, you should see the FPTraffic logo in your toolbar.

Here are two examples of how you can use the Chrome Extension to find/schedule content from Instagram and Pinterest.

Schedule Content from Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram is a very popular source of social media content. You can easily pull your own images to schedule from your Instagram profile or search Instagram and schedule memes and other content found.

First, search Instagram for keywords or hashtags you want to find content for.

Then, click on the FPTraffic logo in your Chrome toolbar (shown above).

Check the boxes for the images you want to schedule to your Profile.

Once you have checked the boxes, click the blue button showing the amount of images you have selected.

Copy the links (URLs) to the images shown in the box and paste those into the box on our FPTraffic URL Scheduler.

Click Schedule URLs and we'll automatically add all those images to your Profile's scheduled posts!

You can do that exact same thing with Pinterest simply by searching Pinterest for a keyword related to your social media profile, selecting the images you want to schedule, and then copy/pasting the Pinterest image URLs into our URL scheduler:

In fact, you can do the same thing on any website! 

IMPORTANT: Because of how the results are shown, Google Image search does not typically provide functional images and may not work properly with the Chrome Extension. Instead, we recommend using our Bing source in the Content Finder 👍

Let us know if you have any questions by clicking the Contact Us link above.

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