How to schedule YouTube videos

YouTube videos can perform pretty well across most social media channels so we have the ability to find and schedule YouTube videos built right into our Content Finder!

To schedule YouTube videos to your Profiles, simply follow these instructions.

1. Login to FPTraffic.

2. Open the Content Finder.

3. Choose the Profile or Bundle you want to schedule the video to.

4. Enter the keyword you want to search videos for.

5. Check the YouTube box so our Content Finder searches YouTube for you.

6. Click the Search Content Sources button and FPTraffic will automatically pull a big list of videos based on your keyword(s).

7. Click Schedule on the videos you want to add to your Scheduled Posts!

You can add a description to your post, but FPTraffic will now post that video (in the form of a link) to your Profile!

Let us know if you have any questions or need help scheduling your YouTube posts :)

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