How to use Bundles to schedule content

Bundles are a feature on FPTraffic that we created to make it easier for you to schedule content across multiple Profiles at once.

You can create a Bundle to group together multiple Profiles in the same niche and then select that Bundle when scheduling content. When the content is scheduled, it will be added to the Scheduled Posts for each Profile in the Bundle.


This is different than Chains because when you create a Chain, the content posted to 1 Profile is then instantly and automatically posted to all the other Profiles in the Chain. You can learn more about Chains here.

How to create a Bundle

Creating a Bundle is simple and once it's created, it's an effective way to schedule the same content to multiple Profiles.

1. Login to FPTraffic.

2. Go to your Bundles.

3. Give your Bundle a name.

4. Select the Profiles you would like to include in the Bundle.

5. Click Create.

You can add/remove Profiles in your Bundle at any time. You can also easily delete an entire Bundle.

Now, when you go to find/schedule content, you can select your Bundle and the content you schedule will be automatically added to the Scheduled Posts for every Profile in the Bundle.

That's it!

Let us know if you have any questions about creating a Bundle or if you need help :)

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