How to use Chains

Chains are a unique tool on FPTraffic that make it very easy to automatically and instantly post content from one Profile to other Profiles.

For example, if you have a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Twitter account for your business, you may want to setup a Chain to automatically post anything that is published to your Page so it's also posted on your Twitter and Group.

In this case, your Scheduled Posts for your Facebook Page would automatically and instantly post to your Facebook Group and Twitter.

Your Facebook Page is what we call your Source Profile and your Group/Twitter would be Chained Profiles.

You can set up as many Chains as you want on your FPTraffic account, but each Chain can only include 1 Source Profile and up to 5 Chained Profiles.

How to Create a Chain

Creating a Chain on your FPTraffic account is easy:

1. Go to your Chains page.

2. Under Create Chain, select the Source Profile you want get the content from to post to the other Profiles in the Chain.

3. Click Continue.

4. Select the Profiles you want to be chained to the Source Profile (Chained Profiles).

6. Click Save Chain.

Remove a Chained Profile

If you would like to removed a Chained Profile, simply click the button to Edit the Chain or click the delete icon next to the Profile you want removed.

When you click the delete button for the Profile you want to remove, you want to be prompted to confirm you want to remove it.

Click OK and the Chained Profile will be removed from the Source Profile. If you have no Chained Profiles for a Source Profile, the Profile is removed from the list of Chains setup on your account until you add another Source Profile.

Chains are a great way to automate posting across social media profiles. Let us know if you have any questions!

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