Making the First Comment on Your Posts

FPTraffic has a great feature that allows you to easily schedule the first comment on any of your posts so as soon as FPTraffic publishes the post, we'll also post the first comment for you.

Why do you want to have the first comment?

The first comment on Facebook Page and Group posts typically get the most engagement. When someone sees your post, they'll also see the first comment and if they decide to comment themselves, they'll certainly see it.

The first comment is also a great place to add any additional context. Here is an example:

Facebook Page and Facebook Group posts both will show the first comment as shown above (with the blue box being the first comment).

IMPORTANT: we can only post the first comment to your Facebook Group as the Facebook Page connected to the Group. If you post to your Group as your personal Facebook Profile, we will not be able to post the first comment.

We also allow you to schedule the first comment for your Twitter accounts. The first comment on a Twitter post is the first reply in the thread:

Creating the first comment on any post is simple. Click to edit the post or add a description on FPTraffic and you will see the box for adding the first comment:

It's that easy! We'll automatically post the comment as soon as the post is published.

Let us know if you have any questions :)

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