Mass Edit Post Descriptions

There are currently 2 different ways you can mass edit your post descriptions. For example, if you want to promote your website on each post during the week, you can automatically add that URL to the post by mass editing your Scheduled Posts.

Here is how you can do it.

Option 1: Content Library Bulk Edit

For most, this option is the most efficient. You can bulk edit your posts in your Content Library.

1. Go to your Content Library.

2. Select your Profile.

3. Choose Currently Scheduled posts (optional).

Click Get Posts.

4. Select All.

5. Click Edit and Schedule.

You will then be taken to our editor page for those posts:

We will ignore any fields you do not edit. For example, you can enter a new Description and when you click Update Posts we will automatically change your description on those posts to the new one you entered, but if you leave First Comment blank, then we will not replace any First Comments you have already setup.

Option 2: Bulk Edit CSV Export and Import

Another option is to Bulk Edit your Scheduled Posts via CSV.

Simply go to your Scheduled Posts for a Profile and click the Bulk Edit button.

You can then:

1. Export your Schedule Posts into a CSV.

Edit the post descriptions in the CSV (for example, you can import the CSV into Excel or Google Sheets and edit it).

2. Import the edited/updated CSV back into FPTraffic.

Either option you go with is an easy way to mass edit your post descriptions for your social media profiles using FPTraffic!

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