How to resize your pixelated images

If you post an image that is too small to Facebook or other social media platforms, they will sometimes appear pixelated because Facebook/Twitter/etc stretch them out.

If we detect that this may be the case, we show a warning on the post:

If you are seeing this, you may want to use our Image Editor to resize the image and make it a bit bigger. You can often do this without pixelating the image.

Simple click on the image in your Scheduled Posts that is showing the warning and then click the blue Edit Image button:

The FPTraffic Image Editor will open up with your image loaded. Click on the RESIZE button:

You want to update your image to have a bigger width in most cases. Facebook prefers an image at least 1200 pixels wide, but we recommend at least 500 width. In most cases, the best option is 800 pixels wide so that is what we do.

Type 800 into the width and make sure the Maintain Aspect Ratio button is checked (it is by default):

Click Apply and then click Save to save your image. We'll automatically update it in your Scheduled Posts. Go back to your Scheduled Posts and the warning will be gone :)

Our new image is a better size to be shared on social media and it has not been pixelated at all.

Let us know if you have any issues resizing your images. Simply send us an email and we'll be happy to help 👍

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