How to Create a Team

With FPTraffic, you can create a Team that you can then use to grant access to your Profiles without going through any of the social media platforms!

This works well if you have a virtual assistant who manages your social media or if you work for a company and have multiple people managing the same social media profiles.

For example, instead of having to make someone Admin or Editor of your Facebook Page (see our Facebook Page Roles guide), you can simply add them to your Team on FPTraffic and then give them access to that Profile on FPTraffic. You can also revoke their access through FPTraffic with a click of a button!

Another benefit of using Teams is that you can also manage the FPTraffic subscription (pay for) of anyone on your Team.

Create a Team on FPTraffic

Like everything on FPTraffic, we've tried to make creating and managing a Team as easy and efficient as possible.

You can create a team simply by going to your Team page:

Then, give your Team a name and add the Profiles you want the team members to have access to:

Once your Team is created, you can then invite other people to join it!

The Leader of the Team has the ability to manage the team. Members simply get access to the Profiles on the Team.

Your Team members will receive an email invite to join the team. If they already have a FPTraffic account, they can login with that. Otherwise, they will need to login with their Facebook account to create a FPTraffic account when they click the invite link.

New users will receive a free 2-week trial. The Team Leader will have the option to pay for the new team member's membership/subscription.

The Team members will all have each Profile included for the Team in their FPTraffic account. They can manage the Profiles like any other user (creating schedules, scheduling posts, etc).

Using FPTraffic Teams is the most secure way to grant access to your social media profiles. It works for all our supported platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn). You never have to give anyone access to your actual social media account!

If you need help, just message us! 👍

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